Maternity Photographer in NJ | The difference between my first and second pregnancy.

Being a Mom is truly an amazing experience. One I thank God for every day. Currently, I have an almost 9-month-old girl, Valentina, and am pregnant with her sister whom is making her way this October. (Or so they say!) They will be less than a year apart and my husband and I are definitely excited for the new addition. We are still in disbelief sometimes that we even have one, and now we will have two!

When I was pregnant with my firstborn, I was very nervous about a lot of things, as a first-time mom normally would be. Maternal Fetal Medicine had me coming more frequent than normal to track the growth of TinTin. Doctor was slightly concerned that she may be growing on the smaller rate of the curve. But out she came, 7 lbs and 6 oz later! That definitely had me worried all throughout, but I like not to worry too, TOO much until I know that there is truly an issue. So, I would just continue to pray and envision for a healthy baby. But boy, did I have a lot more appointments last year than I do this year! I also had more ultrasound pictures because of it, which was nice, but I am not complaining here! Anytime I need to step out of the house nowadays needs to be completely planned around Valentina, so less appointments is definitely a plus. Other things that concerned me were my delivery, my BABY SHOWER, how would my work schedule look like, and how were we going to be as parents overall?! Well, I am glad to say, all those things figured themselves out and we are not only surviving, but THRIVING!

My second pregnancy has been very interesting. It’s definitely felt like it has gone by faster than my first, simply due to the fact that Valentina is here! During the first trimester, I was super stressed with everything surrounding COVID-19. My husband wasn’t able to come to any of my doctor’s appointments, especially the anatomy scan, which is such an exciting visit for expecting parents. But at least, for now, he will still be allowed to be present for my delivery. So, I am grateful, because at one point earlier on this year many moms had to deliver alone. We were also supposed to travel around April which was something I was so scared to do last pregnancy. But because all the travel restrictions we had to postpone that trip. Since I know what to expect more this time around, my concerns are very different. I’m more wondering things like… How will Valentina react to her sister? Or how will I be able to juggle two young babies? I will probably become more anxious about my delivery towards the latter of this pregnancy, but my mind has shifted more from being scared to “I GOT THIS!”. My mentality now is if I went through it once, I can go through it again and BETTER now that I know more. And I’m more confident now that everything will all iron itself out with time like it did the first time around.

One other big difference between these two pregnancies was that we decided to wait for the gender with Valentina and find out with the second one! My husband wanted to experience both, not knowing and knowing! I wanted to wait again but I am also so happy I found out ahead of time! We were able to pick out a name and start addressing HER with the proper pronouns instead of saying “It”!

Due to all the COVID-19 restrictions and us just being too excited and impatient this time around, we did our reveal the same day that I received the envelope from the doctor. It was very loosely planned! We revealed to my parents first. My cousin Rico had the honor of doing the reveal. Then we revealed to Mo’s mom and sister with his Dad on the phone. And then waited a few more days to reveal to my brothers and my brother’s wife and family at a party. Haha! It was so much fun capturing everyone’s reaction and also seeing our own!

Overall, it’s so exciting to know we will be raising sisters who will be so close in age! I have never had a sister so this will be such an experience for me already! I pray may God grant me the strength and wisdom to be a great mom and raise (so far) two amazing young women!

Thank you for reading! Good luck to all the new and expecting moms out there! You all will be amazing! You will have your moments of weakness but you will also have your amazing moments of clarity! Any questions about motherhood, feel free to ask me! I am no expert but I am willing to share my experience! God bless!

With so much love,


July 10, 2020

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