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maternity photo in new home


I am a Newborn Photographer in NJ as well as a Mother of two young babies. During my pregnancy with my second child we finally did it! As of August 17, 2020, my husband and I became official HOMEOWNERS! First and foremost, I just want to thank the good Lord for blessing us with this amazing opportunity! This was a dream we thought we could only really consider for next year, 2021, but God had other plans.

This was the only home I saw on Zillow that I wanted to actually see in person. My husband, feeling like maybe he missed out on other homes, wanted to see at least ONE other home before submitting an offer. But when we visited this home, as soon as I stepped in, I knew it was ours. It was such a strong feeling and I could not shake it off at all that same night! I had even asked for a sign, and sure enough, I do believe God did send me a very clear one!

maternity photo in new home
maternity photos in new home


When we sent our offer letter including two photos, one of the family and one with our dogs. I couldn’t help it! I remember the relief and excitement we felt submitting our very FIRST OFFER. Our realtor, Michael Wilches, who was AMAZING, called us back within two minutes of submitting it. Discouraged, I thought maybe we had missed a document. But to all of our surprise, he said, “I have never received a response this fast, but the seller’s realtor just called me and said that they accept your offer. They won’t play a bidding war. The only way you could lose this house is if someone offered 15K over asking in CASH.” In such a hot market during COVID-19, we felt so blessed that we did not have to “fight” for this home. A home that I felt was so strongly ours!

maternity photos in New Jersey

Sure enough, after many, MANY documents signed, this house became our home! The journey was definitely a wild one, and I’m sure any homeowner can relate, but the most important thing is it is officially ours!


The new space is such a relief! It was definitely getting super crowded with our baby girl’s toys, plus three female miniature schnauzers, and another daughter on the way! We have lived in our apartment for SEVEN years, and I am so, SO grateful for all seven!

backyard family photo in swing in new home
mom and baby in New Jersey home
baby on swing
baby feet in New Jersey backyard
maternity photo in New Jersey
family photo on couch in New Jersey new home
baby with dogs in new home

It is definitely an exciting time for all of us as a growing family. And as for me professionally, I am even MORE excited to see where all of my creativity will flow and grow with the fresh new start and extra space! Of course, motherhood will always come first, so it will be interesting to see how I take on the challenge of growing my photography business as well as raising two young baby girls. But I am definitely up for the challenge. Motherhood has really changed me for the better, and I can definitely write a whole other blog about that!


I would love to document this HUGE milestone for you! Owning a home, wether it’s your first or a new home, is definitely something to celebrate! Please fill out my contact form so that we can get you started!



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maternity photo in new home

October 1, 2020

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