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As a new mom, or parent-to-be, you may be wondering, “What is a Fresh 48?”. A Fresh 48 is a photoshoot taken during the first “48 hours” of your newborn’s life. Photographers will typically capture solos of the baby, being held by mom and dad, a family photo, and maybe even some details the baby such as their tiny fingers and toes! Fresh 48 sessions are SO sweet to capture as this really is the first few moments of their lives in the outside world!

Of course, I’m not a time police, here! If for whatever reason you couldn’t do it during those first 48 hours, that’s totally okay! In fact, that’s what makes your story special! This applies especially to the babies that came a little early from their due date and had to stay in NICU, or Moms who just needed a few more days to recover from their delivery experience.

newborn baby feet
sleepy baby in hospital
baby holding dad's finger
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Fresh 48 sessions are still very foreign to a lot of people. Many Moms, including myself, never even thought to prepare for this type of session throughout my pregnancy. It was only during the last few weeks of being pregnant with my first child that I had actually heard about this session, and that was only thanks to a photography group I was in! (This was with my first child.) Afterwards, I thought to myself, “Oh what a great idea! Let me prepare a few things to take with me to the hospital.”


Looking back, I wish I had known a little bit more on how to prepare myself better for this type of photoshoot. I go over some great tips in this blog on how Mom can prepare herself for her own DIY Fresh 48 Session! Fresh 48 Tips for Mom Majority of these tips mentioned can still apply to when an actual Newborn of Fresh 48 Photographer is capturing your session.


This is such a time sensitive session and any parent who has had children knows how quickly these newborns grow! Especially, in just a matter of DAYS! There is so much excitement and adjustments going on that sometimes you do forget to take a moment and appreciate just how small these little bundles of joy really are! Plenty of Moms express to me their regret from not having a Fresh 48 Session done. So do consider this session the next time you are pregnant and hospitals start allowing these sessions again! (Writing this in 2021, guys!) You will never regret taking too many photos, but you may regret never having taken any at all.

newborn baby in hospital
sleeping baby on hospital crib
baby feet in hospital
newborn on hospital crib
Mom holding baby in hospital
dad and baby in hospital


For the Moms who opted out of a Fresh 48 session, were not able to receive one due to the pandemic, had complications during delivery and never got around to it, or are just recently learning about all these Newborn Photography options, no worries because I do offer Newborn Home Sessions! This session is still a such a special way to document your newborn’s first few weeks of life!

I would be so honored to capture your Newborn Home Session for you! For more information about this session, check out this blog. What Is A Newborn Home Session. As a mother of two babies, I know how special this time is for us as parents! And know that I will document your child’s story with Mama’s heart! Please fill out my contact form so that we can get you started!



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baby on hospital crib

February 7, 2021

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